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Building Community Life

If you have just moved into our area from another part of Darlington, or from further afield, Welcome! Or, if you have lived in our community for some time, and have come along to All Saints' Church, Welcome!

This is a wonderful community in which to live. As a Church we try to offer a whole host of opportunities for the building up of community life, and for serving the spiritual needs of people within it. I hope that we can be of help to you, and that you find some of the information in this web site of encouragement and interest.

The Worship of the Church is central to our life as a parish community. We are very much a "middle of the road" Anglican church which offers a variety of services appealing to people of all ages. This is supported and strengthened by a host of prayer groups, study opportunities and social events for those who are looking for more than just worship on a Sunday. As with all that we offer, these things are there for those who want them, and not forced on to those who do not.

Much of our community involvement as a parish actually takes place in our own buildings. Both the All Saints' Millennium Centre, which adjoins the Church in Ravensdale Road, and the Salutation Hall in Salutation Road are home to many parish and community groups.

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